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You are not limited to what’s listed here! But this is a list of possible jobs your character can have~
As new jobs are made/mentioned, we’ll add them here.
Characters can either own their business or work for someone.



-Restaurant worker
-Candy maker










-all those crazy named scientific jobs...


-Warehouse worker [picker, forklift driver, sanitation]
[info to come]
Long ago, along the tops of a small mountain range, lived a close community of people, thriving and living together peacefully. There were farm lands and livestock. Shops and businesses where people sold their goods and services. It was a calm land, that seemed to be completely frozen in time. In it's own world separate of the world around it. Like the surface of a lake, it was calm, still and unmoving. But anyone can tell you how that still surface will always break. The water will always ripple. Waves always crash.

Something fell from the sky. Big and fast, it tore through the mountain range, splitting the mountain range in half, leaving a valley in it's wake. It shook the people down to their core. For a while, they thought it'd be best to just ignore it. To leave it be and pretend it never happened. But then the dreams started. People would find themselves at the mouth of the cave that the large mass has blew through into the earth. Finding themselves draw deep within it's depths. Before them, at the end of the tunnel would be a large crystal wall, and in it's center a sleeping figure. It'd speak to them, with a voice so soft and gentle, they can never remember what they would say. But, they DO remember making a wish...finding themselves speaking a deep desire. And before they woke, they'd see the figure before them. Handsome and kind, with a voice as soft and fuzzy as the dream it's self, he'd speak; 'Your wish is my command'

The people would awake. And they'd brush it off as odd dream. But word got around. So many people were having the same EXACT dream. And in many ways? Their wishes WERE coming true. Some people saw this as an omen, a demon taking souls in their sleep. Others saw this as a blessing. An angel fell from heaven and was granting them divine blessing and mercy. While others...saw this as just plain bizarre, and didn't know what to think of it. Half of the community decided to treat the new valley and it's land as scared, while the others studied it, bringing in new technology and people from the surrounding regions.

Time has passed, and the people changed. On one half of the valley, people held onto old values. They raised livestock. Grew crops, and enjoyed living among nature and the untouched countryside. The communities staying minimal and close knit. While on the other half, the towns grew and more people came. The once small towns grew into heavy populated cities. The people didn't know one another as well as their more country counter parts, but they were still has kind and hard working.

And through out the year, the two communities come together often, throwing celebrations, festivals and friendly competitions. The once frozen community, thanks to it's...omen, blessing, mystery or what have you, has both lurched forward, and stayed frozen in time.

But what about the worship, you say? Or the research? Well, all of that stopped when all they could learn or gain from it was it's name. But still feeling a great gratitude toward it, decided to name their home after it.

And that my friend, is how this land was born.

Welcome all, to Jirachi Valley

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